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Top Ten Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager

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Using Google Tag Manager is an amazing and free of cost service provided by Google for adding tags to the websites in order to increase traffic and checking the visitors ‘behavior. This tool is equally beneficial for developers and marketing team to eliminate codes and update the website tags for marketing and site analytics. These tags are very beneficial for larger projects as they help in conversion tracking and updating JavaScript code snippets without the services of engineers.

 The tag management system simplifies the complex tagging process by allowing the marketing team to add new tags and maintains your website speed. The mismanagement in tags comes up with serious issues as lowering the speed of the website, missing data, and misrepresentation of data. Here are top ten benefits of using GTM which will realize you how importance it’s for your websites.


Google Tag Manager provides flexibility in tasks as it streamlines the work process and manager can include and exclude tags without the help of a developer. It makes the work easy for both marketing persons and developers and makes them independent by allowing them to make changes in every tag.

Future Proof Website

Upgrading the tools is necessary to fulfill the latest marketing requirements. Universal Analytics demand code swapping, proofreading of each page, and individual page modification which makes it really a hectic task. On the other hand, GTM upgrading is very handy and requires minimum time as it doesn’t require changes of each page and you can make all changes through an interface.

Debug Option

GTM comes with built-in debug feature to help the developers in checking the tag performance and their validity before publishing the website. The testing process enables a person to make modifications in the tags and lets him/her to ensure that either tags are working properly or not.


The speed of the work significantly increases when you use GTM. The marketer can easily take decisions and decide the worth and place of a tag in the website. He independently tests the tags, deploy the tags, and launch the campaign according to his own analytical knowledge which improves work speed.

Built-In Tags

Built-In tags are no less than a blessing for marketers and those having low developing skills. These tags give you a liberty to add them instantly with a basic knowledge of developing. You can use these tags for AdWord conversion, Universal Analytics, and remarketing with great customization and easiness.

User Permissions

With the help of GTM, you can manage the user control on the website and decide who can edit, remove, and publish the website and freedom to different individuals to create rules for advertisement, tags, and Macros.

Version Control

Version control is another distinguishing feature of GTM which keeps a track of every version of the website. Basically, every update means a new version of the website and GTM makes it easy to rollback to the previous process by keeping the record of every update. Version control is known as an ideal way for organizing the tags and eliminating tagging issues.

Event Tracking

No need to worry about manual tagging to track an event as GTM provides automatic event tracking feature that also saves the user from adding codes in the website to track each event. With the help of event tracking feature, you can use standardize naming structure and give attributes to the links target the links easily.

Style Website with JavaScript  

You can style the website and improve its appearance with a little knowledge of JavaScript and HTML tags. All you require is to add a custom HTML tag, writing JavaScript code, and setting up the Firing rules.

Track JavaScript Errors

Tracking JavaScript errors has become quite easy due to GTM. The process requires only two steps, i.e. setting a listener tag and firing an event to track the JavaScript errors.

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