WhatsApp is developing email verification

Anyone who uses WhatsApp should be aware of the difficulties in utilizing the app on various devices. Currently, you can’t just sign in with your username or email, but that will soon be changed. A recent story claims that WhatsApp is developing email verification.

For years, users of WhatsApp have interacted with the company’s registration procedure. When creating a new account, you provide your phone number. This implies that all your files and conversations will be lost if you change phone numbers.

Despite this, WhatsApp has long held a dominant position in the messaging space. WhatsApp will need to address this problem if it wants to maintain its competitiveness in a market where firms like Google and Telegram offer fierce competition.

An email verification feature is in development for WhatsApp

Although the corporation is working towards making this feature available to the public, it will take some time. The app’s beta version (version contained the email verification feature. Not every beta tester sees it, even in that case. Thus, only a small group of testers is being used by the company for testing.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the feature, navigate to the Account tab in your settings to find it. The email setup screen is in the email section. Your email address will be entered. Following that, WhatsApp will undoubtedly send a verification email to the address, requesting that you confirm your address.

Verifying your email on WhatsApp

The address entered is still awaiting verification, as can be seen in the screenshot. Thus, until you confirm your email address, you will see that. It’s also important to know that other users of the app won’t be able to see your email address. Those who wish to protect their privacy should use this. In this manner, whoever happens to use the app at random cannot see your email.

However, we have no idea when this update will be available on stable channels. Its good to see the company taking steps in the right direction.

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