Twitter will let you buy unused Twitter handles

You think @HotweelzGuy is the ideal match for your interests because you just REALLY adore Hot Wheels, but it was claimed by someone else. If it hasn’t been utilized, there’s still a chance to obtain it. The corporation will let you purchase an unused Twitter handle, but you’ll probably need to sell your house to do so.

The business is working on a handle marketplace where customers can sell their old and unwanted handles, according to an email that Forbes saw (via SamMobile). Thus, these sales will only be made to other users. Earlier this year, the business began canceling bots and unused accounts. But as of right now, X has no plans to sell those deleted accounts.

You can now buy unused twitter handles

As we think of buying a desired Twitter handle, we won’t be considering it too expensive, as to us, it’s just a combination of words and numbers. But maybe it’s way more than that for Elon Musk. To buy a Twitter handle from X, you’ll need to pay a fee of $50,000.

It’s quite a cost, but it’s all in for the platform. The owner of the handle will have no part in that. If he needs to make money, he needs to add an amount above that, which will make it even more pricey.

Most individuals will not want to spend so much money on a handle, as you may guess. Simply appending a few letters to the end of their ideal handle and calling it a day is far less expensive. They could maintain control and avoid debt in this way.

We are still unsure of when this marketplace will open. Who knows if this will be a source of income for the company when it finally happens or if it’s just another botched attempt to turn a profit on the app?

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