EU adopts updated protocol for data transfer to the US

Back in 2020, an EU court regarded the data transfer between the United States and Europe as unlawful. Today, after almost three years, the decision has been reverted. The European Commission has announced a new protocol. The new plan will enable several companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook to store European users’ data on the company’s American servers.

The European Commission has shared a press release that details the new framework. In order to address every concern identified by the European Court of Justice, the EU-US Data Privacy Framework adds new mandatory safeguards. Besides the new amendments, the US intelligence services won’t have access to EU data. In addition to this, a Data Protection Review Court will also be established. It will be open to all Europeans.

For the security and safety of personal data, the modified framework includes improved measures. The EU is confident that the United States will adhere to a new, comprehensive set of privacy requirements. For instance, the new policy requires that personal data should be deleted once the purpose of collection has been fulfilled.

Well, the new protocol is followed by the heavy fine imposed on Meta (€1.2 billion or $1.32 billion) by the EU. Meta was reportedly fined for transmitting the data to third parties without ensuring safety practices. One thing to notice here is that privacy advocates may still appeal it before the EU’s highest court (Court of Justice of EU) in the upcoming months since the new adequacy judgment “lacks clarity” on fundamental privacy rights.

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