EU VPN users are unable to use the Threads app due to Meta

Since its launch, Threads has proven to be a great success for Meta. It is considered a strong competitor to Twitter but unfortunately, it lacks most of the features. due to governmental limitations, the app is limited to certain regions. the EU is one such place.

The EU government is concerned with the threats posed by such apps on the privacy of its citizens. Given the privacy concerns, Meta has been under observation for the past few years. EU is one of the regions from where Meta is facing constant backlash. Due to this reason, threads are not available in the EU and its member regions.

It is completely pointless to use a VPN to access the Threads app in the EU

Users might consider using a VPN for accessing Threads in the EU. A VPN is known for not specifying the location of a user while browsing the internet. Through a VPN users can avoid geo-blocking and browse the website without letting it know the location of the user.

A majority of users in the EU use VPN services to gain access to region-specific content like movies on streaming platforms. Similar users might consider using a VPN service for Threads. However, all the efforts are in vain since Meta is blocking Threads access via VPN service for EU users.

Meta impressively blocks the VPN usage of Threads app although it is a bit concerning. Users of Facebook and Instagram can log into the respective platforms with the same credentials. In other words, users can register for a new Instagram account by using the already existing Facebook account. Likewise, an Instagram account helps users open a Threads account. In this way, users’ data across the three platforms are connected. It is undoubtedly accessible to Meta.

Meta keeps track of user data like location that is accessible from the Instagram and Facebook accounts. Therefore, it raises a red alert whenever Meta discovers that an account from an EU member state has logged into Threads using a VPN. It is simple for Meta to block users in the EU who attempt to access this service with or without a VPN. Well, this could be Meta’s way of protesting against the EU decision.

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