Meta adds new features to Threads

Threads has proven to be a great success for Meta. However, the new platform ack certain essential features. Meta is slowly and gradually adding new elements to the platform. As of now, Threads is all set to receive three new features.

Since its launch, the user engagement and time duration spent by users on Threads has dropped significantly. It indicates that the excitement phase is over. However, it could be the opposite case if Meta adds more features to the app.

Threads will receive three new features

As per the information provided by Insider (Techradar), Meta will bring the following new features to Threads.

First and foremost, Threads will receive the DM (direct messaging) system. People are anxious to meet their new Threads friends in person. Your Instagram account and Threads account are linked. The majority of the individuals you know on Threads should ostensibly already be reachable through Instagram. There is no clarity on whether the DMs of the two platforms will be connected or not.

Secondly, Threads will receive the Trends & Topics feature. Users will have access to posts curated by the algorithm. They will see posts from the following accounts and the non-followed ones. Users will stay updated on the latest news on different topics like science, politics, sports, etc.

Last but not least, Threads will receive an Improved Search feature. Users could search accounts on Threads. It still doesn’t have support for the hashtag system. According to the available information, the overall search experience is improved. There is no further explanation about the improvements to the search experience.

Another feature that might not be appreciated by most users

Well, Threads will also receive the Rate Limits feature. It is different from the one presented on Twitter. Recently, Twitter limited the number of tweets that could be viewed by an account be it verified, unverified, new, or an old account. On Threads, the feature will be restricted to spam accounts only. In case your account is falsely recognized as spam you can appeal. It takes a couple of days but it will bring your account back.

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