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EU wants a USB-C standard port for smartphones by 2024

By 2024, USB Type-C connections will become the standard for powering smartphones, tablets, and various other electronic devices. As expected, it was decided today that the EU will actually implement the relevant plans after years of struggle.

EU regulations adopted today require that from autumn 2024 all smartphones, tablets, and cameras must be equipped with a USB Type-C port for battery charging. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the amount of potential electronic waste, as customers only need one type of power supply for all their devices.

Laptop manufacturers get more time

In addition to the mentioned devices, wireless headphones and headsets, earphones, e-readers, portable speakers and mobile game consoles with a USB Type-C port must also be covered by the new requirement. However, it will likely be some time before the scheme is actually implemented across the board.

This gives laptop manufacturers the exception to modify their devices within 40 months of the new requirement coming into effect. At the same time, the EU is also harmonizing the fast charging function of power supplies. This should allow all devices to charge at the same rate regardless of which compatible power supply is used.

The exact details of this project are not yet known. In addition, the EU wants to force device manufacturers to provide customers with accurate information about the charging behavior of their devices. This should make it easier for buyers to determine if their existing power supplies are compatible. In addition, they want to be sure that the customer has the choice in the future whether he wants to purchase a device with or without a closed power supply.

In Europe, there are already practically only three different connection types for mobile phone power supplies, with Apple, in particular, going its own way with its Lightning port. Apple has not yet commented on the new specifications. However, the American computer company criticized as early as 2020 that standardization on USB-C would “get in the way” of innovation. Data Transfer, Cable, USB, USB Type-C, USB-C,