European commission was misleaded by Facebook


Facebook has been fined $122 million by the European Union (EU) for giving deceiving data about its WhatsApp takeover in 2014.

The European Commission expressed that the “proportionate” fine has been forced to send an unmistakable signal to every one of the major organizations that they should consent to EU competition rules.

At the point when Facebook took control of WhatsApp 3 years back, it notified the commission that it won’t have the capacity to coordinate the user accounts on both platforms. Notwithstanding, Facebook went ahead to do precisely that.

As indicated by the commission, Facebook staff was very much aware of how to connect WhatsApp telephone numbers with Facebook user’s personalities.However they rather kept the data covered up.

Facebook committed two separate encroachments by giving wrong and deceiving data in the merger structure and in the answer to the Union’s asking for data. The Commission considered the encroachments genuine on the grounds that they were kept from having all pertinent data for the assessment of the exchange.

This is one of the biggest administrative punishments against Facebook for breaking strict information security rules. In an announcement, Facebook guaranteed the mistakes were not deliberate.

The European Union’s antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager stated:

“Today’s decision sends a clear signal to companies that they must comply with all aspects of E.U. merger rules. And it imposes a proportionate and deterrent fine on Facebook. The commission must be able to take decisions about mergers’ effects on competition in full knowledge of accurate facts”.

In response, Facebook released a statement:

“The errors we made in our 2014 filings were not intentional. The commission has confirmed that they did not impact the outcome of the merger review”.

Commission however, says they were lenient on Facebook because of their compliance

As per the yearly turnover rule, Facebook earned $276m in 2016 – so the fine could have been significantly more. The commission said that since Facebook participated all through the request, the fine was diminished.

The competition authorities are permitted to fine the cuplable companies some 1% of their annual turnover. The commission additionally educated that the Facebook-WhatsApp merger will be unaffected by this declaration.

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Image via Daily Express