Evernote is downsizing its workforce and moving to Europe

Evernote is a famous note-taking app. As per some recent pieces of information, the company has decided to relocate to Europe. The company will move out of the US. Furthermore, Evernote will lay off massive employees across its US offices. Another thing to mention here is that earlier this year, the company was acquired by the Italian firm Bending Spoons.

The company has not shared any details regarding the layoffs. The company has neither mentioned anything regarding it in the letter from Bending Spoons CEO Luca Ferrari earlier this year nor in the official acquisition announcement. Reportedly, the company communicated the information about the layoffs to its employees last week i.e., on July 5. The news comes just after the company announced on June 23 that it will move to Europe.

Evernote shifts to Europe

The official blog post of the company states that the recent shift requires abandoning most of the Chile- and US-based employees. The company will extend benefits to the laid-off employees. As per the information, the company will offer 4 months’ salary, one-year health insurance as well as a performance bonus.

Furthermore, the company believes that the remaining workforce will be in an ideal situation to offer their expertise and potential to the 400-plus workforce at Bending Spoons. Following the acquisition earlier this year, several Bending Spoons employees have already noticed that their days are becoming increasingly filled with Evernote work.

There is currently no information about how many employees will be affected by this decision. We have no idea whether the employees will be given the choice to relocate to the new European-based offices. The same is the case with the new job opportunities in the European market.

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