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Facebook ad transparency seems to be faulty


Facebook has since a long time ago touted its guidelines requiring transparency in political ads as one of the organization’s most significant arrangement changes following Russian impedance in the 2016 political race. However, new research proposes the organization’s ad rules may not be as compelling at making the sort of “transparency” Facebook has given itself such a great amount of credit for.

In another paper out of New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, researchers found that a large number of publicists had the option to run in excess of 357,000 political advertisements without revealing who was behind them. The specialists, Laura Edelson, Tobias Lauinger and Damon McCoy, studied the organization’s Ad Library for over a year and discovered in excess of 68,000 pages purchased more than $37 million worth of advertisements without completely unveiling who was behind them.

The paper reads, “..discovered $37 million in advertising — representing 55 per cent of all pages with political ads during the study period — that failed to identify the funding source, in violation of Facebook policy.”

In spite of the fact that the gathering credits Facebook for making its publicizing information accessible, they state its Ad Library is eventually “easy to evade,” and that “Facebook’s ad platforms appear to have security vulnerabilities at several points.” They prescribe the organization enlist outsider reviewers to monitor the Ad Library.

“Our authorization and transparency measures have meaningfully changed since this research was conducted,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We offer more transparency into political and issue advertising than TV, radio or any other digital ad platform.”

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