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Facebook Blackmailer In Pakistan Sentenced To Prison For 14 Months

A Judicial Magistrate in Lahore on Tuesday sent a man to 14 months prison for harassing and blackmailing a woman on Facebook, the nation reported.

The verdict also includes fine of Rs. 200,000 on the convict, Azhar Safdar the cyber-criminal was arrested by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the woman submitted an application against the convict under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.

The judge said the suspect is failed to prove his innocence in the case and FIA presented solid evidence about harassment and blackmailing on social media site.

FIA provided a mobile phone as an evidence during the trial and said it has the material which proves suspects crime, however, suspect counsels denied the allegations and said the phone doesn’t belong to him, it was planted at the scene where the suspect was arrested.

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The convict’s counsels requested the court to release the man from charges because he is innocent but failed to prove the innocence, FIA had solid evidence which the court cannot refute and sentenced him 14 months prison along with Rs. 200,000 fine.

Last month, a man was sentenced to death for sharing and promoting blasphemous content on social media, the first ever case since the rise of social media in Pakistan. The man was convicted under the Anti-terrorism Act, 1997 and Pakistan Penal Code.