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Facebook Blocking Rohingya Activists Accounts

Facebook has reportedly started blocking accounts and removing posts of various activists who are reporting the so-called “Ethnic Cleansing” of Muslims based in Myanmar, according to Daily Beast News.

The activists told the agencies that their accounts are being blocked or suspended or completely wiped out from Facebook repeatedly and frequently not providing a room to spread the word across the globe, they hoped that social media giant would let the bring the truth in front of the global audience but that is proven wrong.

Myanmar sees Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Bangladesh itself consider them as Myanmar citizens. The government of Myanmar is denying their legal status in the state and does not recognize them as their citizens.

While talking to the reporter, Ruhinka Budhraja  Facebook spokesperson said on Wednesday, “We want Facebook to be the place where people can share responsibly and we work hard to create the balance between expression and safe respectful experience.”

“In response to the critical situation in Myanmar, we are carefully reviewing content against our community standards, Ruhinka added.

WhatsApp To launch mass delete feature soon

Apart from disabling, suspending and removing accounts, an activist who uses the name Rahim online said, his posts were removed from the Facebook which was about Rohingya refugees.

Facebook sends the message which reads, “We have removed this content because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Facebook a biased Political Tool

Facebook has become a biased political tool for the people in power, it has been reported that Facebook was involved in enabling 2016 US presidential elections ads and “Jew Hater” campaigns.

Facebook also blocked accounts of various people around the world who raised the voice against Indian law enforcement agencies violence in occupied Kashmir. People who likes, shares, posts related to Indian violence against Kashmir gets panelized by the Facebook in form of removal of posts and accounts.

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