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Facebook Boss Confirms New Feature Coming To WhatsApp ‘Disappearing Mode’

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Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart have confirmed a number of new features for the popular messenger service in a conversation with a well-known leak specialist. Among other things, there was news about multi-device support.

As WABetaInfo reports, they were unexpectedly invited to a group conversation in which the WhatsApp CEO and the Facebook co-founder also took part. In the conversation, Zuckerberg personally confirmed some planned innovations, including the option to run each chat thread in “Disappearing Mode” so that it disappears after it is closed.

The Facebook boss also confirmed that they want to introduce a function for one-time viewing of content. You should be able to send content that automatically disappears after the recipient has viewed it once.

Real multi-device support should start soon in beta

Most important, however, was the confirmation that the WhatsApp developers are working to ensure that users can use multiple devices with one account without having to have an internet connection on their main device. According to Cathcart, the new multi-device support will initially be available in the form of a beta for test purposes within the next two months.

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He also revealed that the function supports a maximum of four different devices per user account. Some technical hurdles had to be overcome in order to synchronize all messages and other content across multiple devices of a user. In the meantime, however, this has been resolved, so that nothing stands in the way of testing.

The WhatsApp CEO also stated that the Apple iPad would also be served with a special WhatsApp output. First, however, you have to implement the multi-device support correctly in order to make this possible. Of course, the fact that Zuckerberg and Cathcart would inform the most famous leaker about WhatsApp in a group chat about innovations raises some doubts. However, the operator of the website probably has the best reputation for the messenger and planned innovations for the product.

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