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It has now become easier to navigate WhatsApp on an Android device


App beta testers typically get to see early versions of features. There’s an equal likelihood that these features will appear in the app’s stable version or won’t. WhatsApp is always developing and testing new features. It has been working on a status update recently. Users may receive an update that allows them to publish longer videos as status updates. WhatsApp began testing a revamped and bottom-mounted navigation bar in April 2023 for its Android app. The app’s stable version has finally incorporated the change after nearly a year.

WhatsApp has stated in a new post on X/Twitter that the navigation bar on WhatsApp for Android will now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top for everyone. This change will make it easier for you to access the navigation bar because it is closer to your thumbs. The business continued after that. The navigation bar has been modified as well.

The former navigation bar was green, with big tabs for Chats, Status, and Calls and a small one for Communities. The community’s tab was the only one with an icon; the other three were blank. With equal-sized tabs for each of the four divisions and icons for each, the new navigation bar is white. The navigation bar appears more symmetrical, tidy, and contemporary as a result of these modifications. Version is the current version in use worldwide. To enjoy the new appearance, update the app from the Play Store.

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