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Facebook claims that it has deactivated 1.5 billion fake accounts in six months

A social networking platform Facebook said, in a report, that the company has removed more than 1.5 billion fake accounts from the April of the current year through September.

The report says that Facebook is able to turn down more than 90% of user accounts for posting the content related to adult nudity and sexual activity, child nudity/sexual exploitation of children, spam accounts, fake accounts, terrorist propaganda and violence.

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Before users reported them, Facebook itself only found and deactivated 14.9% of the accounts that were involved in harassment and bullying; Facebook also found and deactivated before users reported them 51.6% of the users’ accounts involving in hate speech.

The biannual transparency report was published by the social media giant covering the first half of the current year 2018 after a brutal report published by The New York Times about the state of affairs at Facebook.

The report by The New York Times also includes the company’s failure to properly recognize and deal with the fake news and interference of Russians in the US affairs.

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