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Facebook Messenger Unsend Message Feature Has Rolled Out

Unsend Message feature

The Unsend Message feature is all set and ready to be launched.

It was reported last week by the social networking giant—Facebook that it is busy in testing the Unsend Message Feature and would soon launch it for the Android and iOS applications. As mentioned by Facebook the new feature would soon be rolling out, exactly when the feature would be able to function properly.

The first countries to get a chance to use the feature are Colombia, Poland, Bolivia and Lithuania. So, anybody present in these countries or willing to travel there could enjoy this feature. The feature would soon be rolled out for the other parts of the world too sometime in future.

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If one wants to remove or delete a message that was sent by mistake, then one would need to just click and hold on to the message and then select the option to “Remove for Everyone”. The message would then be removed permanently and would not be displayed to both the sender and the receiver. But the message would be retained on by Facebook for some time just to ensure that it could be reviewed if the message is reported for harassment.

The feature is launched with a ten-minute limit, if one does not unsend the message during this span then one would not be able to remove the message at all.

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