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iPhone X exploded during a software update

Rahel Mohamad, an iPhone user shared his experience on Twitter and he claimed that his iPhone X exploded while he was installing a software update.

Mohamad tweeted that he bought an iPhone X around 10 months ago and currently using which got hot and exploded during the process of upgrading the iOS version of the device to iOS 12.1. When the process of the update completed and the device was switched on, it caught fire.

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He claimed that he had been using the iPhone X since January 2018. He also said that he had been using the original charger of the device that came with the handset to charge the iPhone X.

Mohamad contacted Apple and told them the whole situation and the company asked him to ship them the iPhone. The company also replied to Mohamad’s tweet saying that this is not expected the behaviour of the device and they will look into the matter.

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