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220,000 Women Sexually Harassed on Public Transport

In France, more than 220,000 women have been sexually harassed on public transport in last two years. This has been confirmed by national crime statistics agency in its initial reports on the issue. It has been described as a “conservative estimate”.

After the Harvey Weinstein controversy took place in the USA, the attitudes and thinking of nations changed about sexual harassment. France the land known for seduction and romance had to change its thinking on this particular subject.

The report read, “Although the public mostly focuses on domestic violence, sexual violence committed on the street, on public transport or in other public places is just as serious, and merits more attention.”

France’s National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Justice (ONDRP) found out that almost 267,000 individuals, out of which 85% were women had been harassed sexually on public transports. This statistic is of the years 2014 and 2015. These sexual harassment cases include kissing, groping, flashing, and rape.

ONDRP publishes a yearly survey on insecurity, this time they issued a report on sexual harassment on public transport.

Paris was ranked a woman-friendly city and 4th least likely city for any sexual harassment issues. This is as per Thomson Reuters Foundation survey

Many people have gone on social media to express their views.

Harassment still continues, as Siobhán Dowling said on Twitter that “I was spat at, called a whore… and one morning groped by two laughing men on a crowded metro.”

Adding, “The level of everyday harassment was shocking.”

Public transport harassment was 7 times higher in Paris than rest of the cities in France.

Ikram Moustaoui said on Facebook, “When you have closed spaces with hundreds of thousands of people and zero security agents or police, it’s no wonder that cowardly perpetrators act with total impunity.”

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French President Emmanuel Macron revealed steps in November with the goal to educate the young school kids and the general public about sexual violence against women.

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