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Facebook employees get crazy names from their boss

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of ​​completely converting his company into the so-called Metaverse is now also having far-reaching consequences for employees: they would now appear in public under a crazy name. The CEO recently appeared before the staff to announce a new canon of values ​​for working in the company.

He also made it clear to employees that in the future they would no longer be Facebook employees, but should be called “metamates”. Alex Heath, a reporter for the American magazine The Verge, was there and found that Zuckerberg shared this without a trace of humor and thus was completely serious.

The term is probably based on Shipmate or the shipmates. It is questionable, however, whether the developers and many other employees of the group feel the same connection to the company as the crew members of a ship, who usually live together for a long time in a small space and are exposed to all kinds of dangers.

However, Zuckerberg also made it clear that he expects a similar level of loyalty from employees. As a fundamental value, he defined the order of priorities that everyone in the company should set: “Meta, the meta makes, me.” First and foremost, it should be important for everyone that the company is doing well, the individual comes last. In the tech industry, it is quite common for the employees of well-known companies to be given a corresponding designation.

However, this usually occurs in common parlance and is not defined by company management. On the other hand, it is also very widespread in the US that companies like to shorten their employees to a so-called ‘we are all in this together feeling.

Stella Phillip

She works as an editor at Research Snipers.

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