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Facebook Face Recognition Feature will now ask for Consent to Scan your Pictures


Facebook face recognition feature will now ask for consent to scan your pictures. The face-recognition feature is being offered by Facebook but it will be turned off by default.

Unless the new users opt to turn the option on, this feature will remain off. Facial recognition feature is basically used by Facebook to recognize a user in a picture or a video and to suggest friends tag them in a certain image or video.

Back in late 2017, Facebook was offering a setting that allowed them to decide whether or not the facial recognition feature was used in their Facebook experience or not. Now this option will be available for all users, along with the option to turn it on or off.

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Facebook basically sent an alert to a user if their face is detected in a photo posted by somebody else. The feature is important for security purposes, as, if someone tries to misuse your picture, you will know about it. Tag suggestion is also an option that uses facial recognition to suggest the user tag specific friends automatically.

But due to issues, and people being uneasy about this technology, Facebook is compelled to change its setting regarding this technology.

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