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Facebook users’ Phone Numbers Discovered Online


A database pulled from Facebook was discovered by a security researcher that had more than 419 million phone numbers. Facebook users’ phone numbers have been discovered online. Facebook IDs and in a few cases the names, genders, and countries of the users were included in the database. According to Sanyam Jain, the server was not password-protected, thus, anyone can access it.

The server that has been exposed included 133 million records of the U.S. Facebook users, 50 million users from Vietnam, and 18 million UK users.

As of now, we don’t know whose data has been leaked.

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Fault and breaches in Facebook’s security is nothing new. Back in March, it was revealed that Facebook was storing the passwords of 600 million users insecurely since 2012. Then it came up that half a billion Facebook records were exposed on the public internet.

Earlier we also informed our readers that Facebook admitted that it paid workers to listen to its users’ personal audio messages on the Messenger app. Facebook hired third-party contractors to listen to private audio chats.

As a security measure, Facebook recently decided that its face recognition feature will now ask for consent to scan your pictures. The face-recognition feature is being offered by Facebook but it will be turned off by default.