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Facebook Google Apple Microsoft Stripe And Uber Joining Hands Together Against Trump


Tech Giants Including Facbook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Uber and Stripe have drafted a formal letter in order to oppose Donald Trump’s Travel Ban On Muslim Countries.

Donald Trump newly elected president of America has given executive order, on 27th of January which places a ban on seven Muslim nations to enter in the United States. This ban prohibits Syrian refugees as well to gain entry into the United States.

This order created panic among masses, especially the tech professionals who are in fear of their visas being cancelled if they travel to America for work.

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Although, this travel ban has been opposed by various tech companies, severe condemning response also taken by governments including the United Kingdom. Not only Governments but also civilian population around the world are conducting protest against this unethical and unjustifiable executive order. Tech workers are the most mobile workforce around the world. People travel from city to city, country to country, region to region and continent to continent for their jobs. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and many other employ their workers offshore including various Muslim Countries.

The letter is a joint US corporate voice to oppose travel restrictions. According to the draft shared. The letter emphasizes the importance of immigration, entrepreneurship and its long term benefits to corporate America.

“As entrepreneurs and Tech leaders our responsibility is to create jobs and contribute towards better economy, our ability to grow our companies and create jobs depends on immigration from around the world and from all backgrounds”.

“We are also concerned about our country’s safety and we have to make sure that our immigration system and security requirements meet today’s need. However, your recent executive order will strangle the whole process in which many bright people working hard in the US will be restricted. We are heading towards global economy and it is critical to success that we attract best people around the globe”.

Civil rights activists also become more vigilant after the letter, and started to condemn the order in favor of refugees. Civil rights groups lodging campaigns which spread the word around masses to protect the human rights, work rights for highly skilled people.



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