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Facebook Introduces Manage Activity Tool To Bulk Clean up Older Posts

Manage activity

Facebook has introduced a new Manage Activity Feature which will let users clean up their accounts easily. With the new “Manage Activity” feature, Facebook wants to make it easier to keep track of and delete older posts.

There were times when a lot of nonsense was posted on Facebook; Posts that can meanwhile become embarrassing or posts that may simply no longer fit in with life. Now the social network wants to make cleaning up easier with a new function: “Manage Activity” initially appears for the mobile app and Facebook Lite, the slimmed-down version for on the go. The desktop version should follow.

“Whether you are looking for a new job or want to move on to an old relationship, we know there are changes in life and we want to make it easier for you to design your profile in a way that suits your current personality”, it says in a Facebook blog post. When you access your own profile, the option to create posts appears under the option to create posts. Facebook then displays a list of all the posts, each of which can be selected with a tick and then deleted or hidden in the chronicle, i.e. only visible to yourself. You can also remove your own markings.

Filter, sort or throw away

The social network stores posts that go to the trash for 30 days. During this time, they can still be brought out again – for example in the event that the separation has turned into a relationship again. But you can also manually select immediate deletion. To make finding even easier, there is also a filter function in the top right. There, posts can be selected in a certain period of time, by certain people, with privacy settings and markings.