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Apple Store looters in the US won’t be able to use or sell stolen gadgets and devices

Apple Store looters in the United States (US) won’t be able to use or sell the stolen demo items because all the items are fitted with the software that prevents the devices from being restored to their factory settings.

As the US citizens march for the Black Lives Matter movement, some opportunistic people within the protest have raided the stores during and after the peaceful protests.

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But those protestors who have taken home monitors, laptops, phones, and watches from the display tables at the Apple stores won’t get much good use out them.

Much like the purchased devices, stolen items are activation locked on iCloud.

The devices are usually attached to toggles in the Apple Stores. However, if the devices are ripped off, the special software makes sure that the Macs revert to their original state every time they reboot the devices. All the devices do not have the capacity to set up passcode security and locking.

All the stolen devices reportedly have a ‘software kill’ switch when they go out of the range of the Apple Store. An iPhone goes into ‘Find My iPhone’ mode and will ring until the battery dies, 9to5Mac reports.

The device will reset when powered off and then plugged in.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Apple Stores across the United States (US) have been looter including ones in Portland, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC, but many of the protestors who took advantage of the opportunity to grab the merchandise amid crowds of demonstrators were unable to get into the highly-secured stock area.

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