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Facebook Is Making An Effort To Control Low-Quality Pages

Facebook is improving its system and reducing spam and unhealthy information. It is doing it by minimizing linking to low-quality pages and websites. In the NewsFeed of Facebook numerous links appear, that lead to low quality web pages.

So Facebook has used the aid of Artificial Intelligence to update its ranking algorithm. A Facebook blog post from researchers Jiun-Ren Lin and Shengbo Guo said that through the update made on Facebook they have gone through many website links that appear on Facebook. Then they have deeply scrutinized those links, studied them in detail and identified ads and links that contain unsettling, scandalous and outrageous content.

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Also the blog post further said that if these links and posts are identified they are shown lower in the NewsFeed of users and it is hence disqualified to be an ad. This whole procedure is just to make sure that fewer people read information that is inappropriate and more healthy information is displayed to them.

Facebook has come under scrutiny for spreading misinformation during 2016 presidential election. Though the social media giant denied any negative role in elections, it is making an effort now to ensure that right information is delivered to the public.

Image via: ValueWalk