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First Ever 3D Facial Recognition Camera Will Be A Part Of iPhone 8

It is being rumored that Apple is working in collaboration with LG Innotek to bring out the world’s first 3D facial recognition-capable camera in its upcoming release of iPhone 8. So the selfie camera of Apple iPhone might just enter itself in to the third dimension.

There is a facial recognition process in Samsung Galaxy 8 to unlock the phone but it is not that secure. It can be fooled by just a single picture. The facial recognition feature that will be added in iPhone 8 is 3D so it has more depth. Unlocking phone, making mobile payments, online shopping and banking everything would become extremely safe.

LG Inootek has previously supplied dual-camera modules in iPhone 7 plus as well, so working in collaboration with Apple this time again is not surprising.

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The money that is invested by LG is $238.5 million as per hearsay. For the development of modules for this camera a different factory was needed compared to iPhone 7 Plus camera. Therefore this huge amount of money was used in its development.

Apart from 3D camera, iPhone 8 has OLED screen, wireless charging support, dual camera and A11 processor in store for the users.

These extraordinary features are causing high anticipation amongst users. As this year would also mark the 10th Anniversary of iPhone so we are expecting something unbelievable by the company.

Image via: PhonesReviews