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Jazz Trying To Grab Attention By Celebrating Customer Obsessed Day

The competition is being intensified in telecom sector, one is holding on voice market share and the other one is grabbing data the voice and data, beyond all these there is always a war in media and advertisements.

Jazz, created and celebrated its first customer obsessed day on Wednesday, where more than 3,000 jazz employees hit the streets in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar. Employees including executive management went out in the streets and public places to meet and greet with their customers using jazz. Jazz also took feedback from customers, heard their concerns and suggestions and pay regards to loyal customers. Jazz also give away Jazz x smartphones, free airtime to respondents.

Jazz also posted Facebook live video during the event; according to Jazz, they have collected about 10,000 responses from the customers during the day.

Despite being the market leader and having largest consumer base, Jazz is being more customer-centric now, the telecom landscape has been changing rapidly now with newer players taking control of the market.

It is being speculated that Zong will become the largest mobile network in Pakistan by 2025, Zong also owns the most popular 4G network in Pakistan, leaves worries for Jazz apparently; celebrating days like COD are the similar tactics like “organizing a jalsa for political scoring”.

Jazz has to do something practical to show consumer-centric strategy, they should revisit their overall corporate and business strategy in order to attract more customers.


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