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Facebook May Introduce Features like “Red Envelope” and “Breaking News”

Facebook may introduce a few new features.  Facebook is constantly occupied with the testing of new features and products. Presently, the social giant is seeming to be busy in some new experiments. These new features include a “red envelope” feature which would allow users to send money to others via Facebook, and also a “breaking news” tag that the publishers would be able to attach to their respective posts.

These two new features which are not being tested officially right now, were first noted by Matt Navarra—Director social media at The Next Web (an online publication). Navarra has the habit of posting the news about the releases or to be released products and features of Facebook which he either finds in the service’s code or via some other means, he shared the screenshots of the development about these features on to his Twitter account, a day before yesterday.

Facebook confirmed the news relating the “breaking news” feature but refused to share any further details. The firm was a little bit confused about the feature but did not deny about its existence. One of the representatives of Facebook said that the social giant is always busy with the experimentation of new features and products but right now there is nothing specific to talk about.

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Unless some formal announcement is made, or the details are shared by the tech giant itself it is impossible to say anything with clarity about the new feature “breaking news”. But an idea can be presented which is that the “breaking new” tag might make the post the most highlighted story in the user’s feeds, generating notification or alert or at the least may make the post to stand out visually.

Red envelopes are usually used when exchanging gifts, especially during holiday seasons like the Chinese New Year, but the feature to gift someone money via Facebook means that the app would also offer peer-to-peer payments. Facebook Messenger is already providing the option of offering payments, but Facebook’s main app or website is not.

Tech giant’s new Marketplace section if kept in consideration then the supporting payments feature makes sense. The firm is motivating people to sell items via marketplace like they might be doing on Craigslist. Letting people pay for purchases on Facebook makes sense.

There is also this possibility that these features might never roll out.

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