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Facebook Messanger receives new updates for end-to-end encrypted chats

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There are several social media platforms out there. They have millions and billions of users. one such platform is Facebook. A few years back, the platform Facebook was quite popular among users. However, as time passed several other platforms took their place. Besides this, Facebook Messenger is still common among users. previously, it was presented as a part of the social media platform Facebook. Later on, it was introduced as an individual standalone app. Facebook Messenger app enables users to utilize the app without the requirement of a Facebook account.

In contrast to other messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is not that rich in terms of features. However, it still has the options of SMS, voice and video calls, and other such features. As of now, it is reported that Meta is all set to introduce some core updates to the Messenger app. These updates will be released for end-to-end encrypted [E2EE] chats. It indicates that users can utilize chat themes, chat emoji reactions, and other features presented within the app for end-to-end encrypted chats.

Previously, the app was not presented with features for end-to-end encrypted chats. However, the new updates will finally bring a treat for users. moreover, the users will have the option to set group profile photos for friends as well as colleagues. Another interesting thing to notice here is that now the end-to-end encrypted chats are provided with link previews. A status indicator will display when a user is active and using the app.

Furthermore, Chat Bubbles are going to be re-introduced for Android users. Since Bubbles were always an easier way to access people from their home screens. The Bubble holds the recent chat. The user can tap on the bubble and start their conversation.  Currently, the feature is not rolled out on a massive scale. However, the company Meta has indicated in the official blog post that the feature will be released in gradual phases to all users.