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The tight security of Android 14 will prevent users from downloading outdated apps

The privacy and data of users are major concerns for tech companies. For years, companies have been making efforts to ensure the safety of users. Something similar has come from Google’s platform. According to the reports, the company is making efforts to provide advanced security measures with Android 14. It now appears that Android 14 will be presented with some excellent security features. as per the information, the users will be prohibited to download outdated apps on their devices. In other words, Android 14 will block the downloading of apps that are designed for old Android versions.

Android app developers are always working to improve their apps so they could run with the latest features and go by the Android OS security practices. Not long ago, Google upgraded the policy for the apps listed on the Play Store. It has outlined that the newly listed apps must target Android 12. However, do note that this limitation is presented to apps that are presented in the Google Play Store. Since any user can download the old version of the app manually. Where Google will continue to mention about the apps that have not been updated in a long run.

We can expect the situation to change. Since the changes in the code will require strict API on Android 14. Such changes won’t permit the users to install outdated APK files. In addition to this, users will be prevented from downloading specific outdated APK files from sources outside the Play Store. The folks at 9to5Geeogle mention that in the initial phases, Android 14 will block the old version of Apps. However, the threshold will expand to Android 6 [Marshmallow]. It will expectedly ramp up. However, the device manufacturers will be given the choice to select the threshold for outdated apps.

The new changes will help the companies combat the threats provided by malware by preventing the installation of outdated apps on Android smartphones. Besides this, the malware can avoid security measures by utilizing a new flag and running a command shell. However, the reason for malware approaching any device won’t be by mistake or accidentally.

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