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Facebook New Feature: Face ID And Touch ID In Messenger For iOS Users

Face ID Messenger

Users of the iOS version of Facebook Messenger can look forward to a new feature soon. The developers are currently testing the integration of Face ID and Touch ID. This is intended to improve the security of the chat app at the request of the user.

Facebook has confirmed this to Engadget. In the future, Messenger users on iOS will have the option of protecting their chat histories. In the settings, it can be selected that authentication via Face ID or Touch ID must be carried out when the app is opened. The user can specify that biometric authentication is only requested after a certain period of inactivity.

WhatsApp has a similar function

Facebook Messenger is not the only communication application that can be locked and unlocked by the user. Other services such as WhatsApp also have such a function.

Feature is still being tested

Initially, the integration of Face ID and Touch ID should only be tested with a small number of messenger users. If there are no problems during the test phase, the new function should be available for all iOS users of Facebook Messenger.

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It is not yet known when the feature will be available to all users. So far, the social media group has not given a specific date. Support for Touch ID and Face ID may already be delivered with one of the next updates. The corresponding update could be released in the coming weeks.

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