Facebook now allows users to create four extra profiles along with the main profile

Some users prefer having different names and personalities on social media platforms; however, it becomes tricky sometimes for users to switch between different names. According to some recent pieces of information, the social media platform Facebook will now allow users to create different profiles. Notably, each profile will operate independently with its own messages, notifications, and privacy settings.

Get ready to present different aspects of your personality to your friends, family, and others.  Reportedly, with a single Facebook account, four different profiles can be created. Well, this means a user will actually have five different profiles, with one being the main profile and four additional ones. Profile switching features will operate similarly to those presented on Instagram. Users won’t be required to log in or log out to change profiles.

One thing to notice here is that features like professional mode, marketplace, payments, and dating cannot be accessed via the additional profiles. Messages for additional profiles can be accessed from the Facebook app and the web. In the coming months, Messenger support will be added. Furthermore, settings like filtering friend requests and post views could be managed separately for different profiles. The main profile won’t feature the additional personal profiles.

Facebook stresses that the main profile should be made with the original name or the name a user commonly uses. Additional profiles can be created with any name. Well, this is obviously concerning since this feature can be misused. According to Facebook, the feature can’t be used for impersonation, but there are no details on how the platform will manage it.

The company shared in the announcement post that users who violate the policies won’t have access to create multiple profiles. A person’s account and all linked profiles will be subject to appropriate action if they consistently breach our policies by utilizing any of their extra personal profiles.

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