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Facebook Offers More Parental Control Features in the Messenger Kids App

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On Tuesday, Facebook said that it has got the plans of adding new features for parental control in its messenger kids app for the users under 13 years in age. The step was taken months after the questions were raised about the privacy protection of the application for children.

The new features would have access for the parents to see the chat of their children and its history as well and would allow them to keep a tap on the accounts which are blocked or unblocked on the app, as informed by the company.

Parents could also see the latest photos or videos that are sent and received in the inbox of the application and could remove them as per need.

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Back in the month of August, the social networking site has given acknowledgement to a defect it fixed in the Messenger kids that permitted thousands of children to join in on the group chats in which not all the members of the group were given approval by their parents.

Facebook has been under check by many governments over the child safety precautions on its suite of applications, particularly since it announced its plan of extending end-to-end encryption across its messaging services last year.

Facebook has not yet indicated whether the messenger kids would be included in the encryption plan or not.

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