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Facebook to Introduce Disappearing Messages for Messenger and Instagram


Earlier today, news came out that Facebook is introducing disappearing messages for its main trio of apps. Whereas, some have already received the update on Instagram, most are yet to get it on WhatsApp and Facebook. The feature was announced a while ago, but it has only started rolling out now.

According to the details, the new feature is called Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp, and Vanish Mode on Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of this feature is the same in all three apps. Once it is supported, it deletes all messages from a chat once you switch apps or the chat is closed. But anyone can still take screenshots of these messages before they disappear.

The feature will work for both personal conversations and group chats and even though the chat disappears instantly, Facebook has said that the conversations can still be reported. The chats remain in the system for up to fourteen days, meaning that they are not immediately removed.

Vanish Mode can be activated on Facebook and Instagram by swiping up from the bottom of a chat. On WhatsApp, you will need to open a chat, tap on the contact’s name, select Disappearing Messages and turn it on. You may not see these options in your apps just yet as the rollout is still underway.

The feature will become available for everyone to be used in the upcoming days.

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