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Facebook will fix its metric system

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Facebook in an announcement made today is correcting the metric system for its advertisers. The new metric system will have more accuracy in the audience estimation for ads, live video reaction counts and the popular Like and Share options. This fix comes as nothing new. In fact, in 2016 the company found out that its reported figures for average video view time had been inflated for years.

In the recent spur of fire from audience the company is trying to be more transparent in its dealings. It is also trying to fix miscalculations across the system. Facebook vowed to be more open about its bugs and errors following the last month case of misreporting products like Instant Articles, video and page insights. The change in misreported metrics will improve the quality of business dealings with Facebook. Ad creation tool is more of an improvement in the current advertising business being managed on the company platform.

The metric system miscalculation alters million views

The Facebook Ad creation tool gives advertisers the estimation of potential overall reach and the estimate of daily reach of the campaign. Facebook claims that it has improved the methodology of these estimates-in specific for sampling and extrapolating the potential audience size. This move will make it more accurate. Good news for advertisers as it will give better estimate for target audience engagement on Facebook and cross-platform, meaning Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

Read about how Facebook video advertising miscalculation altered millions of views

Facebook’s change in the Live Video metrics comes off as a correction rather than an improvement. The Page Insight section was misallocating extra reactions per user to the reactions from share of posts. They belonged in the reactions on post button. The reactions to the posts were extra because the post was counting one reaction per unique visitor. To make things simpler, it appears that the total counts on posts for reactions were correct. But they give the impression that the Live Videos were getting more engagement when shared than they really were.

The fixes are supposed to roll out in the middle of December.

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