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Facebook’s Boss Zukerberge’s Fortune Is Deteriorating Massively

Mark Zuckerberg’s faith in the Metaverse’s coming success hasn’t been shaken even by the fact that his fortune is shrinking massively. Because many others do not share the optimism about the new platform to the same extent.

The past few months haven’t been a happy one for most business tycoons, but Zuckerberg clearly stands out. Just two years ago, the Facebook founder’s fortune was estimated at around $106 billion, making him one of the richest people ever.

Only Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos were in the ranking of the business news agency Bloomberg in front of him. That has now changed significantly. After climbing for some time, Zuckerberg has lost $71 billion in value this year alone. His fortune is currently estimated at $55.9 billion – so of course, he’s still far from being poor. But among the super-rich, it is no longer enough for 3rd place, but for 20th place.

Group stumbles

Zuckerberg’s fortune is directly tied to the stock price of the company he founded. For years there has been a debate about his influence. As the founder, he is adamant about always holding enough shares to secure a majority decision. As long as it kept going up, the criticisms were there, but right – but that should change noticeably.

In the meantime, Facebook even has to report falling user numbers. And it is only partially successful in countering new competitors such as TikTok – replicas of the corresponding features are too hard and unattractive. Zuckerberg’s focus is on the Metaverse anyway. This is supposed to be the company’s next big thing. However, some outsiders doubt that the platform can ever be developed into a truly viable business on a larger scale.