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Social media is still a hotbed for scams


A recent study has claimed that almost half of social media users have faced some kind of spam on social sites, which has affected the users just like other spam.

According to a report from Atlas-VPN, the survey has pointed out 560 accounts that were spammed. The spams included phishing links, gift-card spams, help-option spams, and job offers. These are the most common spams that are able to attract attention easily.

According to Atlas addresses, the variety of spam may be varying, such as for someone caught in a romance fraud that includes direct interaction with the spammer, but the purpose remains the same: to grab money or information.

Preventing spam online

The holidays are almost over, so we hope that these spammers will also calm down with the end of all holiday deals. As a customer, the point is to educate ourselves and prevent ourselves from availing of any gifts or free spam ads.

Along with the survey analysis atlas, VPN has also provided us with some tips. We don’t need to try to take advantage of a deal that appears to be too good to be true. Technology is advancing a lot, so we should keep ourselves aware and active while clicking on these ads. Try to observe a website keenly so that any little detail that is off should be alarming.

The idea is to shop and avail deals from well-known websites, and these websites also advertise their deals on their original media platforms. Try to avoid the ads that lead to sites you don’t know about.

Scammers may also target the word you are searching for in mobile shopping apps.So take a moment to keenly observe and compare the product you are looking for with what it is showing you.

Atlas VPN advises using secure connections, like your home Wi-Fi, for shopping at these sites. Also important is the random password generator that keeps on storing your passwords, but if we fall for a scam, the chances of risking your data will be reduced.

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