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Famous Restaurant in Lahore caught Drying Serving Trays in Bathroom

A famous eatery in Lahore Butlers Chocolate Café was caught “drying serving trays on the bathroom floor”. Since the news has leaked on social media, the restaurant has faced an immense backlash from the people.

As per a Facebook user, he visited the Café located on MM Alam Road in Lahore and this was his experience.

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Haider Bokhari said, “After ordering I sat there relaxed and happy enjoying the music. We enjoy such places without even bothering about quality because we put our faith in these so-called renowned restaurants. We tell ourselves that at least we can trust them.”

Adding, “My sandwiches were served on a wooden tray. I wanted to wash my hands before having my meal so I went to the washroom but a note saying the washroom was ‘out of order’ was posted on the door. Since I only had to wash my hands, I went in any way. Once I entered the restaurant, to my shock, was something disgusting. Wooden trays like the one my sandwich was served on were placed right next to the toilet for drying since there was not enough space in the kitchen.”


When people read this post, they were shocked and criticized the restaurant. Pakistan’s known academic & public speaker Ali Moeen Nawazish said, “The things people have to put up with to eat out in Lahore. Pehle Khota, Ab Lota.”

People also started commenting to boycott the restaurant but there were those who were still defending the Café with statements like, “The gentleman who has taken these pictures is only a social animal. Now, he is shouting on social media to get more likes!” or, “Plates inside washroom do not prove that the restaurant is serving these plates to customers.”

But as of yet, no clarification has been issued by Butlers Chocolate Café.

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