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Samsung sued for 1.2 billion over patent infringement of FinFET Technology

Yet another infringement Samsung faces after the Korean manufacturer had to pay whopping $538.6 million to Apple due to infringing some of its patents related to the design of iPhone.

Now Samsung faces another blow for unfairly using the intellectual property of another company without the consent. The U.S. jury has revealed another patent infringement of a specific technology which is related to FinFET architecture.

The technology specifically belongs to Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. As a result of infringing the patents the South-Korean giant now owes $400 million to the technology firm.

However, the jury ruled that Samsung deliberately infringed the patent and for that reason, it becomes act which is more punishable, therefore, the court decided to triple the amount to 1.2 billion.

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It’s worth mentioning that along with Samsung two other companies including Qualcomm and Global Foundries Inc, were also held for infringing the same patent technology but both of the companies managed to escape the law without paying for the damages.

FinFET technology is a transistor which is used mainly in designing processors that use gate electrodes shaped like a fin. This technology helps opening multiple gates to a single transistor which provides much-improved performance and low power consumption to smaller chips.

According to the sources, Samsung initially denied the use of FinFET technology but later accepted when Intel licensed FinFET technology to be used in its chipsets. However, the company keeps denying the infringement, Samsung said it worked with the University to develop FinFET, the South Korean manufacturer said the patent is invalid and the company will consider appealing to the jury.

Samsung would be able to escape FinFET technology infringement case or it has to pay $1.2 billion to the company is still under doubt, it will be decided in the coming days what Samsung would have to pay.

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