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Microsoft Is Adding AR To Windows 10 Using View Mixed Reality

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Microsoft is now letting people to try and experience Augmented and Mixed Reality, people can experience AR and MR using affordable headsets or expensive Hololens.

But the point is; not everyone carries a Lens or headset, not everyone even bothered to buy one, here comes the Microsoft, Microsoft has announced that it will allow people using Windows 10 or later would be able to view AR and MR without using a dedicated headset.

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Interesting yeah…? You must be showing little interest to experience, AR, VR and MR after watching YouTube videos but not bothered about buying a headset to fulfill your desire, It all in the pipeline which is going to sprout up this fall.

Microsoft has announced that they are making ordinary computers using regular windows and basic RGB camera to get into experiencing 3D objects, AR and MR without using a headset.

Microsoft’s built-in AR technology is rolling out soon, in a blog post, Microsoft has also demonstrated this AR feature, according to the post Microsoft’s AR was not as much efficient as Google Tango but it worked well with the use of ordinary computer and Windows.

View Mixed Reality feature would come with one-button-tap effect in Paint 3D when it launches in the fall, also Microsoft will add and extended tool to it which allows using more advanced VR headsets or the Hololens.

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Basically It’s a quick lens to view your created objects in the “real” world. It also shows that Microsoft, like others working on VR, are aware of the fact that not everyone’s going to get a VR or Hololens headset on their faces anytime soon. This new free feature would let more and more people to experience AR and let them elevate their interests in VR.



image via: digitaltrends