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Finally, Instagram allows you to post GIF comments

Users can interact with friends and family in various different ways on social media platforms. They can post, comment on posts, and share their views in the form of text, images, or short videos. Instagram the Meta-owned platform is one such platform that enables users to engage in different ways.

When it comes to commenting or reacting to posts, users can type comments or react via an emoji. Well, this seems to be somewhat restricted and other social sites offer more options. As of now, the platform is ready to add another option that will make things more fun. As per recent information, Instagram will now enable users to use GIFs in the comment section and engage in a better way.

The company has introduced the new feature as a stable public release. The feature is not in beta phase and users have access to it. It was unveiled by Adam Mosseri. It is rolling out globally. Using a GIF for reacting is definitely a more convenient and engaging form of communication.

The GIFs will be provided by Giphy. Besides Instagram, Giphy also provides GIFs to other social media platforms like Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Furthermore, as we know that Giphy is owned by Meta. So, this is a kind of close association between the two companies. users can access the GIFs in the comment icon provided below each Instagram post.

Instagram has added several new features over the course of the previous few months

The latest GIF feature by Instagram is one of the several improvements that have been introduced by the platform over the course of previous months. Previously, Meta introduced a new performance-based payout model for content creators. In addition to this, the company now enables users to share content with close friends thus adding a lil bit of privacy for users. Besides this, users can now add multiple links in their profile bio as well.  Meta desires to improve user interaction with the platform. The new feature will be rolled out via an app update. It will reach out to all users globally.