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Meta introduces a performance-based payout model for Facebook and Instagram Reels

Facebook and Instagram Reels are one of the methods of generating revenue on the respective social media platforms. Back in 2022, Meta introduced its monetization program for Facebook and Instagram Reels. Users were able to generate more money from creating and sharing exciting reels. As of now, the company is growing the program by enabling thousands of new creators to join the venture. Besides this, the company is even considering a new payout model for creators. Recently, the company revealed that it intends to display more ads in Reels, thus adding another stream for generating revenue.

The company has announced that creators will now be paid on the performance of their public reels instead of ads earnings on reels. The performance of public reels refers to the number of plays and not other engagement factors. Of course, future rewards may take into account more signals.

Meta introduces a revised payout model for Facebook and Instagram Reels

The new model implies that creators must create engaging and exciting content. It will help them with a stronger user retention rate. The company has stated that a similar program will be introduced for selected creators and advertisers on Instagram in the few upcoming weeks.

Meta continues by saying that the revised reward is the outcome of testing conducted by the business. The company states that performance-based incentives benefit both parties. Paying creators based on the money from ads may also have a detrimental impact on their income because some circumstances may be beyond their control. Furthermore, Meta has declared that the performance-based payout model will also be introduced to In-Stream ads on Facebook. This is a part of the company’s effort to aid content creators who produce content of all kinds.

Reels Play incentive with over $35,000 in monthly bonuses for creators was introduced by Meta back in 2021. Later, as part of its cost-cutting initiatives, the corporation reduced the funding and ultimately suspended the program completely. The new creator reward scheme is in line with Meta’s plans to eliminate 10,000 jobs in order to minimize costs.

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