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Find out here who do you chat with most on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular social messaging apps with more than one billion users. This app is owned by the social media giant, Facebook and let its users send text messages, make audio or video calls, and share any type of image file to any individual or to the groups across the whole world.

Everyone is using this platform as per the requirements, from official groups to community groups, WhatsApp is even used by the people who are in government for their convenient communication and real-time response.

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Today we are going to reveal a WhatsApp trick with you, which many of the WhatsApp users don’t know, which helps its users to know which individual user or group chat they are most involved with.

Follow the steps;

Step 1– Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device

Step 2– At the upper right corner, tap on the three dots on the main screen of the app

Step 3– Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu and click on the ‘Data and Storage usage’

Step 4– From here, tap on the ‘Storage usage’ and this will show a list of your WhatsApp contact/groups on the basis of data exchanged by the user

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