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Firms Might Start to Place Chips on Their Employees in A New Trend

chips on their employees

The United Kingdom-based businesses are now planning the option of placing chips on their employees.

As per the news report which came from The Telegraph, mentions that the British businesses are considering placing the IT implants on all of their employees for encouraging security. The news which started circulating over the span of last week mentions that a number of UK firms had started talks with Biohax—a Sweden based company dealing in human chip implants.

Biohax, during a conversation with The Telegraph, revealed that a number of companies majorly from the legal and financial zones from the UK were thinking to launch micro implants that could be patched onto the employees for restricting their movements in areas of high sensitivity within the company’s offices.

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Biohax—founder and CEO, Jowan Osterlund told the daily that these firms have got sensitive documents, these chips would be allowing them to put bars for whoever they want to restrict.

Biohax further said that the size of the implant would be that of a rice grain and would be costing £150 per piece. It also revealed that a renown financial services firm having an employee base of hundreds of thousands is also among the initial users of this device.

Companies are thinking to go for this option owing to the security reasons, this has also started conversations between the pro-privacy and human rights groups.

If this move gets successful, then for sure more and more firms would be moving towards adopting to place chips on their employees.

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