Fitbit’s latest AI chatbot will monitor your workouts and provide insights

Fitbit Charge 5

In the past year, generative AI has found several applications, including helping with shopping, vacation planning, and interior design. Fitbit wants artificial intelligence (AI) to be your personal coach, analyzing each workout and providing advice.

The new AI chatbot, which was unveiled at the most recent Made by Google event, will launch as a component of “Fitbit Labs,” gathering information about your workouts and sleep while engaging in conversation to simulate speaking with a personal trainer.

James Park, the CEO of Fitbit, used a recent run to demonstrate the possibilities of Fitbit AI by questioning why it felt harder than normal. The AI then gave a thorough analysis and confirmed that the workout did indeed have a higher average heart rate.

AI also noted that the recent running course had a greater incline than usual

The chatbot remarked, “Climbing those hills may have made this run feel harder, but that’s okay; you put in a tremendous effort. Google also has plans to provide visualizations, such as charts and graphs, within the Fitbit app, giving customers a more thorough perspective of their performance. The new Fitbit AI will initially be available to “trusted testers,” with preference given to Pixel users, which is crucial to highlight.

Fitbit’s new chatbot may be a welcome addition, but the new function seems to be a calculated response to Garmin, the market leader, after the business recently underwent significant backlash. This is since Garmin’s Training Readiness and Health Snapshot Features are now the industry standard for making workout recommendations based on sensor data.

Fitbit AI can therefore bridge the gap between complicated fitness data and the demands of regular consumers, making it a powerful competitor to Garmin if it is successfully implemented.

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