First Pixel Watch must get Wear OS 4

With the introduction of the Pixel Watch 2, Wear OS 4 has gained official status and will soon be available for the original Pixel Watch. Google did not specify a specific release date for Wear OS 4 for the older gadget at its annual fall presentation on October 4, which also featured the announcement of Android 14 and two new Pixel phones.

However, as 9To5Google notes, the business has provided people with a broad time frame to look forward to. On the Android Developers Blog, Google highlights availability in a concise manner. stating that Wear OS 4 would be available later this year for the original Pixel Watch. That is the only timing information Google is willing to provide. But the year is running out quickly. So, the launch might not be that far, and we can expect the software from Google before the software ends.

Pixel Watch 2’s Wear OS 4 signals Now that the software is stable

Google doesn’t specify a release date, but it would be unexpected if it wasn’t very soon. The Pixel Watch software upgrade will undoubtedly arrive within the next few months, as confirmed by the fact that it will arrive later this year. Google, however, also attests to the software’s current stability. That implies that there isn’t much more Google can do with it. Google is likely speeding up the rollout if there is truly no stability left to work on. Before sending the update to users, we are polishing and finalizing it.

Wear OS 4 is only accessible on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch wearables outside of the Pixel Watch thanks to the most recent One UI Watch update. There are still a ton of watches made by other manufacturers, though. Additionally, Google has not yet announced which watches from those brands will receive the upgrade.

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