X Premium might have three payment tiers

Elon Musk has worked hard to turn X into a viable business. We don’t know if it’s working, but almost every adjustment he’s made has been an attempt to increase the number of X Premium subscribers. The billionaire may, however, have something to offer that will attract more customers to the premium side. According to X user @aaronp613 (via Fone Arena), there may be three different payment tiers for X Premium.

There is currently only one payment tier available for X Premium. If you sign up online, it costs $8/month, and you get a variety of benefits. These include fewer advertisements, more sophisticated text formatting, the capacity to delete and edit posts, etc.

There may be three payment tiers for X

Considering that this is still just a rumor, you should proceed with caution while considering this information. We can’t say for sure whether the corporation will implement this adjustment. Elon Musk, though, increases the likelihood that it will occur.

The X Premium tier will be divided into three different tiers, according to the source. According to the statistics provided, it appears that the quantity of advertisements is what distinguishes the tiers the most. Premium Basic, the entry-level plan, will have full advertisements. Half of the advertising will be in Premium Standard, which is like the premium tier we already have. Premium Plus, which is at the top of the food chain,

We don’t yet have any additional details about these plans. We don’t know if the corporation will hand-pick which features belong in each category or if the ads will be the only thing that differentiates the levels. This information won’t be available for a little while.

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