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Fleets: Twitter Comes Out With Its Own Version Of Stories In India

Fleets, the version of stories from Twitter, has reached a third country- India. That comes after Brazil debut and last month’s launch in Italy. The feature is live now, and you can try it out (not in our case)

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Notice that fleets exist in a different timeline and are short-lived (after 24 hours they will eventually disappear). This is basically the take on Snapchat’s Stories from Twitter (a feature borrowed from Instagram, WhatsApp, even YouTube, and Skype, among others).

Many common limits on Twitter apply like a maximum of 280 characters. But these are different from classic tweets, for example, you can’t retweet or just like a boat. However, you can react with emojis, or answer with DMs.

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Which country will be next to get a fleet, or when Twitter will make the feature available worldwide, is unclear.

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