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Google Duo Now Allows Link Invitations On Mobile

Google Duo

Google’s video conference service Duo now allows users send link invitations on mobile version.

With Google Duo, you can now send invitations as a link. This was already possible in the Google Meet, which was more intended for the professional usage, but Duo is now following—but initially only in the mobile versions for iOS and Android would be able to do that job. The web client has not yet been updated and requires more time to make it work.

The Duo was originally intended as a competitor for Apple’s Facetime and Microsoft’s Skype. In contrast to Google Meet, this should address private individuals and be easy to use. In corona times, however, more people use video conferencing services, so all providers are in the process of expanding them.

Research Snipers notes that Google has just raised the number of participants in duo from eight to twelve people, and new functions have also been added, such as being able to take photos during a call. Google Duo has also beefed up features like family mode and 32-way calls earlier. A Google account is not required to use Duo—instead, you have to provide your phone number.

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