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Flurry predicts election fatigue

election fatigue

Donald Trump is the winner of the United States election. He defeated Hillary Clinton, the presidential nomination from the Democrat side. The election business is always a messy one. A lot is at stake and sometimes, the result are heart wrenching.Flurry is an application that provides analytics by monitoring the trends and habits of mobile users across multiple mobile applications. Over 125,000 companies use Flurry and the software is popular in providing analytics to businesses. The app reported election fatigue among the news app users.  The application reported that an overwhelming majority of U.S citizens went through election fatigue. Many showed disinterest in continuing the political scenario. The software spans over 400,000 applications to measure the audience reach and engagement pattern. It reported a dip in news reading activity on mobile devices. The two of the lowest benchmarks occurred right after the 2nd and 3rd presidential debates.

Flurry analytics show how election fatigue hit the people

Flurry detected that with each presidential debate the user percentage fluctuated. The first debate saw an increase in mobile news app up to 12%. However, it dropped to 10% after the second presidential debate. The figures of users did not increase much and only reached 3%.

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The Access news tape leak and the FBI email probe were the two events that encouraged major spikes in usage of news apps on mobiles. The non-political spike in news came from the win of Chicago Club. The app saw an increase of 10% usage of news apps. This points out to the overwhelming election fatigue that the user is going through. The application is to have reported that many users left their news apps once the fatigue set in. It also reports that user attention span for the entire election season was around 48 hours which points that not many people read about the follow ups.

It is to be noted that Flurry was founded in 2005 and predicts mobile analytics up to accurate value.

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